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I cite this story of the Firefighters in Pennsylvania as proof the America I have been so proud of that was made up of people who were honorable, dedicated and selfless is no more because of a governing body that is driving everyone beyond their capacity to cope. This story shows clearly that those Americans of yesterdays are but ghosts of bygone times.

Sadly I state my feelings that unless honesty, morality and sense of duty are returned to the leaders of our people we are lost. Today a dictator in Wisconsin took the Democratic process away from the people of that state opening the doors for additional actions by other extremists in our country to do the same. Most people do not understand the way of our government officials. These people will make documents to support their will and intent and by doing so allow the voice of the few to do whatever they wish and hide behind the argument that it is "the law".

These selfish, greedy and immoral architects of the "documents" justify their sickness by passing unjust laws that support the will of those who have the "pen" which has been baptized in the blood of the masses through war and sacrifice of the lives of the majority who are denied the privileges stated in the "documents".

Documents designed by a global minority have dismissed the rights of others around the world for centuries with the justification that these few are favored by GOD... their GOD, that has "told them" they are superior to all others so they have the blessing of this GOD to exercise the practice of "I see... I I take from anyone". If you object to this abuse then they believe you to be just an "animal" and they will kill you.

I feel truer words were never spoken than these that were offered to an American government body that allowed a representative for the tribal peoples of the North American land mass to plead for justice for their people and that plea was summarily denied so this tribal Chief... a woman, said: " I have presented my plea but it was not with words from the mouth of an educated human being so I feel this to be true. With an education you are the white mans equal... without one you are their victim."

No one has the right to take away the culture, faith and language of others and then demand recognition for their "good works" because they send aid to those in foreign lands for political capital. Our government has never helped anyone unless it would benefit in some way.

There are those who report that America is always there to help other peoples of the world when they are in need but no one ever comes here to help us when disaster strikes our shores. I say, they should not have to because it was not for others to do a dam thing when Katrina came to Louisiana.... that was our mess and ours alone to clean and we failed!
So it is with all of our nations tragedy... our mess and ours alone because we are a blessed nation with more than enough will, talent and resources to do the job. Our government stopped our efforts to rush to the aid of our fellow Americans in Louisiana because it had little or no respect for the majority of the people in that city. 

It is today's American of all ages who feel it is acceptable to act and speak without taking responsibility for the consequences of their behavior who are responsible for the mess our nation now must live with until the light of truth shines on the identical gates of heaven and hell allowing our salvation,..... but even then someone will have to know which one to open.
Who will you trust to make that decision America? Will we continue looking to and following the direction of those who have been rewarded handsomely in the past to mislead us or will we finally understand the words of a modern day prophet: " if you want to make a change to make the world a better place, you are going to have to start with the man in the mirror".  

Denying the people the right to collective bargaining goes beyond controlling inflated wages and retirement packages. It is because of collective bargaining that we also have child labor laws, free public schools and libraries, well staffed and equipped hospitals, Fire and Police Departments, minority hiring rules, safe work places, reasonable length work weeks and job security as well. Now all of this could be undone because of the ignorance of those who would rather follow and fight for a belief reported by individuals who's job it is to mislead you instead of finding the truth for yourself and acting accordingly. Knowledge is power so it is necessary to educate ourselves or we will be manipulated by those who understand that we are ignorant and fill us full of fear and hate for each other. 

Fear and hate are the mind killers. Our nation is over run with professional gossips who willfully generate fear and hate and treat good, honest and well meaning people like mushrooms... they keep them in the dark and feed them shit!


Lieutenant Frederick Georges

Orleans Nebraska Fire and Rescue-Retired


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