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I have recently been exposed to a training program designed to help me train others about what to do in the event of a fire in the home. It seemed to be practical as far as what would be needed if the person had special medical or physical problems and to be able to have some emergency supplies like batteries for phone or flashlight, drinking water and other personal hygiene accessories.

But after that, it seemed to me that the case would begin to get very heavy for a child to lug out of the house when the instructor began to cheerfully go through the shopping list of goods that were being suggested that all should consider putting in the sack. They wanted the children to personalize the cases by drawing pictures on them so they could be judged.

All of this for myself, was completely missing the point of the exercise to teach children to evacuate the building as fast as possible. That is the number one concern. I also felt it was more about the volunteers speaking in front of a crowd because they would practice in front of each other like high school students. These are the people entrusted to teach children about ways to be safe and prepared for disasters. It was like children getting prepared to lead children. They voted to not even use the word "disaster" because they felt that would be too upsetting for the children, so they practiced remembering to say "emergency" every time they naturally began to say disaster.

I felt, because "deep pockets" with high profile sponsors were contributing to the project, the emphasis on handing out pillow cases that were decorated with a high profile logo and supplied by the worlds largest general store, was paramount over the "first rule" in the event you are in a building that is on fire.... get your butt out of the building !

When I voiced my opinion about this priority I was looked upon as a trouble maker, so my suggestions were summarily dismissed.  Soon after that I was told I "was not a good fit" by a nameless caller who contacted me after I tried to schedule more training required by every  new volunteer.

 It was beginning to become clear to me that I was not wanted in the Red Cross. An organization that cries for volunteers, money and our blood ! 

Now, after it was reported that the Red Cross of today, is not " your fathers Red Cross" of fame and note back 75 years ago, I am relieved to have been refused to be one of the team. The politics, mismanagement of resources and corruption of today's Red Cross nationally, that was clearly visible by the actions and attitude of the Kearney chapter director, made me feel there was corruption running deep in this group too. I also feel there was an awareness by the others that I was a whistle blower and so would have uncovered this fact eventually, so I was a threat to them all.

Below is my certification for Red Cross Logistics that was earned after many requests to be tested as required and normally scheduled for all other new volunteers weeks before I was finally given my test.

It is now my feeling that the Kearney Nebraska chapter of the Red Cross is openly prejudiced toward people who do not meet the " B M R " ( basic minimum requirements ) for public service, volunteer or paid. This seems to have been behind the rejection of myself to join the volunteer fire department without even having the privilege of being interviewed.  

This now comes from a department that posts a huge banner that reads : Firefighters Needed. You would think a plea for help like that would make them a bit less fussy about having a qualified and certified former Nebraska Fireman allowed on board.

Here is the letter of rejection received from the powers that be in the city of Kearney:

That B M R is, it seems, the status quo of pre vetted beliefs and disciplines without the desire to question anything. I have no felony convictions or any other serious violation of societies rules. So I can not understand what their "background check" uncovered that was justification for this.

I did write a blog about the Kearney Fire Departments total failure to respond to a structure fire call in a timely manner, that forced the dispatch to accept a 10-89 ( assistance ) from the neighboring towns to the north of the city. But that was after the rejection for an interview.



Also I am an outspoken opponent of the Feminist agenda. I do not support: Feminism, Chauvinism, Racism, Communism, Fascism or any other organized group that openly oppresses anybody. I openly support women's rights, but Feminism is a small, loud and determined group of bitter people who promote cause to willfully oppress, demean and belittle men and boy's while hiding behind the noble and righteous cause for the betterment of oppressed and abused women so they may glean the support of good hearted, loving and willing citizens to finance their agenda. For this reason I may be subjected to abuse and discrimination by many different people, business' and organizations in an attempt to silence my call to American men to rally and fight the Feminist for the sake of and promotion for a men's liberation movement.  

I have concluded that most importantly to be accepted, one B M R is to strive to make money, no matter what sacrifice to others outside of this close knit circle of citizens in the city of about thirty five thousand souls, or to the natural world.

These "high plains" settlers have clung to the credos of their fore bearers, that being, " I see it....I want it.... I take it in the name of my GOD and government edict", which has allowed them to consume every square inch of the area that once was more efficiently managed by a people who had no concept of ownership of the natural world, so were easy prey for them.

It is clear to myself now, that because I have spoken out against the obvious wrongs committed by the fire department, the Red Cross chapter and the American Legion post in this city, as well as the abject and blatant abuse by the women of this state who enjoy a total free pass from the men who live in fear of them, to do and say anything they desire without having to answer for it, I am now given little or no consideration when I am in need of public service or if I desire to give of myself in any way to the community. Check out the stitches I got put in by a PA at the Good Samaritan Hospital after I cut the tip of my finger off :

Also, I suffered waiting 31 minutes from call to boots on the ground when my home burned to the ground in May of 2014. The state fire marshal threatened to arrest me if I did not, as he put it, "get off of his fire scene", even though I had second and third degree burns on my arms and face.

See :

Then he told me "you better not write anything different about how the fire started than I am putting in my report, or I will be back". The "little big man" ( he was about five feet tall ), was more concerned about his being in command than he was in my injuries too. Proof of this claim is evident in this video:

So I feel comfortable in assuming this membership will no longer be needed, because the man who signed it has seen fit to no longer allow me to make presentations at the local schools because he feels I had "stolen his thunder" when I brought a full set of Firefighter Bunker Gear, with an interior attack entry helmet and a dress uniform cap, for all to see and handle. 

He went on to communicate to all of the teachers and school superintendents, that I was a threat to the students so should never be allowed back into the classrooms. Now there is a man with big time self esteem issues.

Because I am not a person to ask for help when I have non emergency needs, I have resorted to disciplines that were learned first in a group of family members who were incapable of letting each other down, then later when I was a proud member of a group of individuals who trained to perform as one single unit... the United States NAVY, who also never let each other down. 

The result was to fall back into my safe place I developed after I came home from my service to our country. I began teaching myself the upholstery trade back then so I would not have to punch a time clock or be in close proximity to other people for extended periods of time because of issues I had that were not acknowledged by the VA health community at that time. So now as before, I will rely on my skills as a 'Cabinet Maker' and Upholsterer to try to raise the money needed to carry on even though in May of 2014 I lost all of my tools and personal possessions to a fire.

Today TBI, PTSD and exposure to chemical defoliants are recognized and treatable conditions, but it seems the Nebraska coalition of the "brotherhood" mentality has limited my access to the VA hospital system also, because of my outspoken behavior toward Feminists I was denied further treatment by the female Psychologist I began to share my thoughts with about my actions while in service that left me guilty of breaking one of our LORDS ten commandments.

I was denied the opportunity to purge myself of this experience and encouraged to relate to her what was causing me to become angry recently. I was frustrated by this irresponsible demand, but made an effort to comply by unloading my feelings about the abuse I had suffered at the hands of a closet trans gendered female. I railed against people with this condition who pretend to be female just to get what they want from others then abandon the commitment they vowed to uphold.

Apparently the Psychologist herself was in some way connected to the cause of these people so became threatened by my diatribe. That was the last time she would see me and she put out an alert to the hospital incorrectly citing me for wanting to "kill everyone". I was quickly, upon returning for my next scheduled appointment, corralled by the Psychiatrist I was to see and questioned at length with the hospital security team in the next room. The doctor considered me not to be a threat and dismissed the unfounded and irresponsible charges by the Psychologist. Even though this all came about, I was restricted from ever being seen by either of these two doctors and given this letter : 


I sent the below letter to the head office of Veterans Affairs in Nebraska and the above reply was dutifully dispatched. It truly seems the cowards are more interested in their own butts than they are in the veterans.

Now I understand with more clarity, the reason why the shooter in the Maryland NAVAL ship yard, the commissioned officer who shot so many servicemen at Fort Hood and the mess made by the L.A.P.D. Police officer could have gotten past these people. They seem to actively overlook people who are having the worst possible issues so they can just push thru a sort of "one size fits all" conveyor belt remedy for the veterans who can be persuaded to just "go for the ride" and accept whatever is available just to boost their numbers to turn in to the government oversight office that funds them.


To whom this may concern,

I am including this letter with my request to have a new health care provider in the hope I may speak to someone in the mental health care community about my issues. I am having a very difficult time managing my anger and fear. I have tried my best for decades to be a positive value to the American social landscape in spite of my impecunious and educationally challenged state of being.

The last set of "headbenders" , mental health care professionals assigned to myself, were unwilling to do the one thing a person with issues that are as painful and disturbing as mine need... LISTEN!!

In the case of James O'Sullivan, he would all but fall asleep when we had our sessions. When he would speak, it was always the same crap, he would make sophomoric comments attempting to be funny and he was totally dismissive of the one issue I have with behavior I feel was not who I am. I felt what I had done under extreme provocation or explosive spontaneous events brought out a part of me who I was not aware was within me. He refused to listen and insisted on talking about the "hopeless social and psychological discord and shameful state of humanity" that I personally refuse to accept. He insisted on making the argument that all humans are basically selfish, greedy, insecure and power hungry. These are all the things I have tried to overlook in others and try to see the good in all people.

The end result from his inculcating this diatribe only made me more upset and feeling out of control so I just needed to stop seeing him so I could repair all the "walls" he knocked down that I had built over the years which were my only hope of keeping my darkest thoughts locked away so as to prevent myself from making "bad decisions" .

In the case of Tabitha Carlson, I again was denied the opportunity to speak of the few things that were causing me the most pain and fear. She seemed to have a set protocol for evaluating individuals that did not accommodate people that were outside of a certain parameter so she too became combative and confused about statements I would make to her.

When I noticed her body language becoming very much like that of my teenage daughters when they were frustrated I knew this person should never be involved with combat veterans who have much bigger issues than P T S D, T B I or suicidal tendencies. I had written several times on a crisis card provided by the VA in Grand Island that I have 'HOMICIDAL' tendencies not suicidal but no one cared.

When the time came that this "headbender" reported to myself that she "took exception to my comments"... her words to me, and I replied that it was not my responsibility to give any consideration to her feelings about our relationship nor did I feel she had any responsibility to mine but only for me to dump my concerns, fears and anger issues on her and she to just listen, make notes and evaluate. It was at this time that she became no longer an asset to empower my recovery from decades of pain and fear but a "wombman scorned"  and so her only effort from that point was to defame me and try to have me pushed out of the mental health care system. She wanted to have me enter into group sessions, have M R I tests and begin a drug treatment protocol before her emotional collapse and now refuses to allow any of it to happen.

I am prone to use vulgar and defaming comments when addressing females because of the abject abuse I have personally sustained at the hands of very irresponsible and selfish individuals I loved and trusted. I was told by Carlson when I let some "colorful" comments slip that it was "okay, I want you to be candid". So I took the opportunity to let the full force of my pain loose in her presence because this is one of the things that is causing me a great deal of suffering.

Before my betrayals by my wives, I was a man who would never utter a foul or defaming comment about females, it was the way I was raised. After trusting and committing myself to a lifelong bond only to have them "play the system" and falsely accuse me of behavior, after I discovered they were trying to collect my VA benefits and steal all they could get behind my back just before they left, that was not in my nature to commit which was revealed in a court ordered psychological  evaluation, that I became very prone to hateful speech.

I lost my business', homes, pets and children. Too lose a child is the most devastating pain I have ever known. Too have them scream.. "please daddy, don't go" , when the visitation was ending or have them cry on the telephone that their mother was "being mean" to them and I was 5 thousand miles away, would almost kill me. But the family courts are "owned" by the feminists so there is little that a poor man can do. It was only after these soul crushing events that I became the hateful, distrusting man I am now.

In closing I wish to state for the record I am in need of help to address issues that I experienced in the Navy that are haunting me and the guilt and fear are becoming more that I can manage. If you have mental health care people who may be more capable than Carlson and interested than O'Sullivan in the issues of a Vietnam combat veteran please allow myself to engage them. I am not able to provide any evidence of my role in the N S A fourth corps "brown water" operations now since my home burned and all of my life's possessions were lost on May of this year. I did what was asked of me and it seems I was not properly documented so it has become an issue that could be an extreme embarrassment and even a liability to the department of the Navy. I was proud to serve and feel I received what we all fought for,..FREEDOM, so I will not wish to make an issue there. But I do need some support with my current state of mind. Even my V S O in Kearney is distant and dismissive to my needs now. Everything went to the dogs after I addressed the politicians in Lincoln on behalf of the veterans assisted living facility. I was just trying to help those who did so much for us in WW II.



Georges,F B170696 W-1  Supply Corps SPECOPS/EOM - NSA IV CORPS -Thailand/Vietnam campaign


Truly I feel the VA Hospital doctors can not help veterans with the problems they are having, so they just give them powerful mind addling drugs so the veterans no longer care about their problems.... or anything else.

This posting has strayed away from the original premise of Fire Safety. I want most of all to promote this life saving behavior. But I wanted also to make it clear that there are too many people in American societies that are more concerned with looking good rather than focusing on doing good, so each and every parent, teacher and student need to be aware that just because a presentation is being made by an organization that is familiar or supported by a "big box" store chain, does not mean it is above questioning.

In WW II NAVY personnel were told that splashing the water and making loud noises would scare away sharks, no kidding.... really! And what do we know now?

And just because you are told things about other people that are negative, does not mean you should not question that too.

What passes for facts and needed teaching information may not be correct and your life may depend on it.

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