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We love them, not because we need to but because we want to. A mans heart will be freely given to them without reservation or condition no matter if they are from royalty, the work place, a brothel or we give them their life for the first time in their mothers womb.

Men offer all of the strength of their minds, bodies and souls to them never expecting anything in return more than just a well deserved "thank you" which, though rarely given, is very appreciated when it happens. Men will do the impossible only because it needed to be done or they were asked to, not because they wish to be anyone's equal.

A husbands pain..... "I gave you everything I had then you just walked away laughing and called me a clown". A females fathers pain..... you gave your heart to me without reservation or condition until you learned how to be cruel.

Anna Karenina brought everything back for me. The unfaithful, abusive and irresponsible behaviour of a married woman who in the end, when it was clear she will have to make her own way in life with no man to cling to, killed herself. The words I learned all those many years ago in high school from this novel before I truly knew how to love or how painful loving someone could be. I can be hurt  no more because now my head has finally understood the following words.

"The only absolute truth obtainable by man is that life is meaningless".  May GOD bless Leo.... and save all of you who are selfish, abusive and irresponsible and use others.

I feel the human condition never changes very much. It is, for me, wonderful to be able to appreciate the experiences of others and learn because of the wonderful gifts we humans enjoy. The gift of language is so powerful and affords everyone the privilege to experience life we personally have not lived. Sadly too often this wonderful gift is abused to tell lies and hurt each other. This has been my greatest pain in this life. Liars took my child from me and I have only been able to see her less than one week in the past twenty seven years. 

The picture above is that of my youngest daughter who was taken at the age of two by a woman I loved and trusted who "wanted to experience motherhood without the commitment of marriage, it is my lifestyle choice" Her mothers words, it turned out she was gay.

I am putting this out for all to see as my life is ending and I feel somebody should know about the cruelty of the selfish, irresponsible alternative lifestyle women and the biased and uncaring family courts who collude with the child psychiatry entities who abuse their office and keep children from their fathers because they fear the feminist coalitions. I care not for the "right to privacy" crap that the feminists hide behind as it is a one way street that does not apply to men. Lies were told about me and posted everywhere for the whole world to see and I just had to bear it all now for 27 years. If any reader of this wishes to stand up and make noise know that I can prove everything I have written with documents from the courts and from the mother herself that are signed and dated. I welcome any and all blow back.

Elizabeth, may your need for revenge and to blame me for it all fill you.... heart, soul, body and mind forever and beyond. You deserve that. Until you do right by the one who truly loves you then never will you deserve the warm, comforting light of the "kingdom". 

All who made this happen give thanks to whatever it is you pray to that I could never find one good lawyer who would risk taking on the feminist owned family court system.

To all of my friends who are hurt by this posting I ask you to forgive me if you can... hate me if you must. I can do no more that give you an apology and so you have it.

When a man knows his life is winding down it is time to prepare rather than plan. Planning is hope for the future.. preparing is acceptance for the end.

The story is old but true. Men are free to laugh and rule the world because we never forget how to give love without reservation or condition as the guiding light of our inner child never dies in us and we have.... the strength to forgive!


Fireman Fritz

PS: read this document and decide for yourself. Am I just some fool who was divorced and is bitter or have I been wronged by a selfish, abusive and irresponsible woman who simply has an alternative lifestyle and just needed to be rid of me.

If you know of a willing lawyer who would help me file a pain and suffering law suit feel free to leave a comment.

This woman now owns a 250,000 dollar piece of property on Maui she bought with taxpayer money. She got a grant because she was a single mother with a minor child. She never bothered to tell anyone the truth as to how she came to be a single mother. She lied and told everyone I had abandoned her and our child and everyone just took her word for it all.

This is how manipulative individuals will abuse a system put in place to help people who have a genuine need. This is how she has put her Bachelors degree to good use that her father paid for.  


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Comment by Lieutenant Frederick Georges on March 6, 2013 at 1:11pm

 To be in the cross hairs, singled out since childhood and punished so mercilessly for the crime of being what GOD made you and no other cause of faith , fidelity or flaw by your own choosing, act or deed. To lose a child to the lies of another and to the foolish contempt by those we trust to administer justice is like having your heart slowly torn from your body to assure maximum pain for me and pleasure for my detractors. I suffer a wound so deep it erased my deeds in the killing fields so I can see, feel and hear nothing but the screams of my child who I failed my fatherly duty to protect. My benefit is only this,. . now I can look at what others can not with cool head and steady hand to perfect the mission of every man. . . to love others unconditionally and offer a helping, loving and caring hand when people need me. This is why I chose to be a Firefighter, there was no other reason for me to live. And I am rejected now even there for and by the same reasons and forces that made me eligible for the task. If suffering were currency I would be the wealthiest man alive.  

I am actually frightened now when others show me a kindness as it is so unfamiliar to me.   














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