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There are many ways to lose your life, property and future. So many ways are provided to anyone who can pay to destroy their life. Drugs that were developed to perform miracles that would make a suffering human free of the burden of symptoms that are debilitating, are instead abused to relieve a symptom of having too much of everything, except the one thing needed for peace of mind.

Everywhere you look there are government approved and regulated devices and ingestible substances to adle the mind so the user no longer cares about the one thing needed for peace of mind. There are activities provided, with state and federal oversight and regulation, that are geared to entice the patrons to engage in bad, sometimes dangerous activities that will lead to intervention by the "crowd control" entities that are authorized and willing to use deadly force at their own discretion.

All of these conditions are wilfully put in place by agencies comprised of learned professionals who have degrees in human behavior and psychology, for the single purpose of generating cash. They are "people ranchers" who use the human condition to sew the needed conditions that will lead to a reaping of a harvest of cash from the pain and suffering caused by the use of or attendance at the well planned and readily available substances and attractions.

Never will a patron of an establishment that serves regulated substances to impair a person's mind, find a room dedicated to them being sobered up before attempting to return to their home. It is a fact that trying to return to a person's home while impaired is illegal, so now the well planned and regulated society uses the "crowd control" entities to find those who have "stepped out of line" and administer whatever remedy that is determined by the local "people ranchers", who all have different rules and remedies.

It is similar to giving a child a gun and telling them the "do's and don'ts" of gun ownership, then turning them loose. When they misuse the weapon there are several entities that were wilfully designed to administer remedies to the problems resulting from the unwanted behavior.

People are "set up to fail" in many first world societies just like the aforementioned arming of the child, and the "system" is set up and ready to perfect remedies. All in the name of revenue generation. Nearly nothing is coincidental, most "accidents" and tragedies are the result of planned "people ranching". As cruel and irresponsible as these tactics may seem to good hearted, honest and moral persons, the facts are clear to anyone who has the nerve to look, that in an organized, regulated and well policed society every person is offered choices, that if acted upon irresponsibly, can result in unwanted consequences.

Now the news headlines are filled with incidents of social misconduct. The "cattle" are becoming unwilling to accept the behavior of the "ranchers". When it is clear no one will escape death at the hands of the crowd control entities, that have become so scared that all of the society who are not members of the ranching elite will be executed, if it is declared the "handlers" lives are in danger. This declaration is too often an excuse to cover up the needless killing of citizens by those who are authorized to use deadly force and do so irresponsibly.

Notice that when a citizen is murdered by the "crowd control" entities, the headlines are short lived and without fanfare. But when one or more of the "crowd control" entities is murdered, it is called 'assassination' and the usual legions of their peers congregate and call for all manner of action to stop any possible future such incidents.

Obviously the life of the majority of Americans is not valued as much as are those who slaughter them in "the name of the law". The numbers are sketchy but it seems there are almost 1,500 citizens murdered each year to about that same number of police who also die by violent action by citizens every TEN years.

  Now it feels like the news is leaning toward the fact that there are many citizens who have reached their limit and so, have lost their ability to cope any longer. They are wilfully attacking and murdering the police. This can, and probably will, end badly.

For all who remember the death toll from the last time Americans fought Americans, it should be clear that with today's ability for anyone to secure small and medium firearms, this time around should be a serious blood bath. It has happened in other nations recently, so the idea has already been vetted by even the slowest mental levels whose household has basic cable, that to make "bad choices" may be a solution to this perceived problem.

When this trend becomes an acceptable option, the general population with IQ's in excess of 95 will do as always, using the funds people in their general "brain range" seem to always amass, and move to "greener pastures" until the poop storm passes. People like myself, who are inclined to curb our tendency to make bad decisions, will be stuck looking for cover as the "mob", simply because of their greater numbers, will rule and the Bush-ian mentality... " if you are not with us, then you are against us" mind set will make us targets as well.

As a Vietnam veteran, I am aware of how easy it is for "good people to do bad things" because you were just following orders. So I have some empathy for the police, but I also went to a State Police training academy that seriously "wigged" me out when I was taught what I felt was just unacceptable rhetoric about the supremacy of the "brotherhood" of the police, that inculcated the idea that the general citizenry was expendable. I am just too much of a people lover, so I went to the Fire Department, the "people friendly public service", instead. I support law and order but not if it means seeing all of the rest of society as "potential criminals" and racially and sexually profiling them all.

To better a situation many times means sacrifice. It may be unethical, immoral and just simply stupid, but it seems that violence will be the only venue left for conscientious patriots to be able to make any change in this society whose police, courts, as well as state and federal governments, have simply failed to be fair and just when perfecting remedies for this latest failure to the citizens who are bound by law to finance, support and obey the laws that seem to clearly not apply to everyone, so the laws are for nothing.

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