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                                                         Above is my truck before the accident


Below is what is left of it.

Video of wrecked truck:




I am back and recovering and wish to thank everyone who sent me their best wishes.

Here is what is left of my equipment, it took our brothers and sisters of the Thoreau New Mexico Volunteer Fire Department two hours to cut me out of this mess.

I experienced three broken ribs, a twelve inch to the bone laceration from just over my right eye in a high arch to just below and aft of my right ear, this took 2 medical tech's two hours to close using 600 stitches.  

I also had multiple fractures of my right hand and a broken neck that needed the above titanium plate installed to fuse the vertebrae to stop my spinal cord from being severed.

I am now living in my class A motor coach in a friends yard in Elm Creek Nebraska. I had put together a small shop building with all of my tools and life's possessions but it burned to the ground on May 2nd of 2014. I am just starting to feel I may have been better off if I had died in this wreck :-) 

Well, "quitters never win and winners never quit", so I will keep trying to go forward ! Nothing left to look back on now anyway :-) 

My wish for everyone is to take away from all of this a very important message : PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR TALK OR IN ANY WAY BE DISTRACTED FROM DRIVING, BECAUSE "DRIVING IS A FULL TIME JOB"

Be well and safe everyone.


Fireman Fritz





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Comment by Lieutenant Frederick Georges on March 11, 2019 at 9:15am

FLASH****** dateline January 2018 Kearney Nebraska*****

I met another company driver from Hinz Trucking Company out of Odessa Nebraska who offered his sympathy for my truck wreck. He informed me that he too had almost lost control of his rig going over the passes on Colorado in the snow and ice. I stopped him and asked why he felt I had that happen to me and his answer surprised me at first, but after all I have learned about the men in Nebraska I totally understood why this lie started.

Many times after loading lumber in Montrose Colorado instead of going all the way back to Grand Junction back to I-70 I would instead take the US HWY 50 back to Canon Colorado then go North on US HWY 285 back to Denver. In the winter this route is very challenging and not for "beginners". I was trained since 1973 by "professional" truck drivers who began their careers back when brake shoe compounds were useless and trucks ran on bias ply tires, so knowing how to handle your rig was paramount. 

So when I was asked by other Hinz drivers if it was quicker to use this route I told them yes as it cut almost 100 miles off the trip. So one of them at the lumber yard one day loading after me took my advice and went that way.

The next time I saw him I felt he was going to punch me in the face. He was so angry that I had sent him over a route that was a 2 lane road just big enough to barely accommodate a 70 foot rig using both lanes through the switch backs" to climb to the summit of Monarch Mountain pass, elev. 11,312 feet. He shared his sheer terror at the climb, but mostly the decent on the ice base and snow covered roadway and swore he would never do this again. 

So this was why these "Nancy-boy" flat lander's were spreading the word that I did not know how to conquer snowy mountain roads, they were suffering from "penis envy" big time for not having the skill sets or courage to do what I was taught to do years before they were born by professional drivers whose shadow I was proud to work under in an attempt to be as good. These "Men" from Nebraska are seriously emotionally challenged and come all apart when a person they were taught from childhood was inferior to them because of their believed superior ethnicity can do better than they can at anything.

I have videos of both my assents and dissents of that nerve racking challenge, and believe me I was very afraid while doing this. You must use all of your skill sets from proper road speed, inter-axle locking mechanism, mechanical braking pressures, and engine braking devices just right or you will have a "run away" and that never ends well. You must become one with your machine, know its limitations and push your own or you will fail. For me, that was one of the thrills of being an experienced professional truck driver. Like driving a race car to the limit or sky diving, it was FUN !

For these pantie waste "mama's boys" who use their engine compression brakes on flat ground just to hear the noise, like the kids who put baseball cards or balloons so the rubbed against their bicycle spokes to sound like motorcycles, it was all about being noticed. But when it came time to actually use this equipment for what it was intended for, they were unwilling to step up to the challenge.

Now I understand why so many are being so mean to me here in the "Husker" state. I am from Wyoming, a mountainous state and actually grew up on challenges they had only heard about, but are quick to tell their fat pigs of wives & girlfriends they too conquered. So every time I discover new stuff about these wimps I will retweet this post. The latest abuse to me is by my district Veterans Service Officer William Williams who refuses to help me with filing paperwork for my military service connected injuries. He has threatened to solicit the help of the County Attorney to make me stop. What an a****** !

I will keep you posted on that outcome. 

Comment by Lieutenant Frederick Georges on August 26, 2016 at 8:47pm

FLASH ***** dateline September 18 2015 Albuquerque New Mexico ******

I secured a judgement for a pain and suffering law suit in the amount of $980,488.44 ( see document attached).

Now the law firm of Thayer & Thayer in Grand Island Nebraska has decided not to try to locate the woman. I can not get him to act on it because he says the Tortfeasor can not be found.

I felt in this day in time with all the many government "tails" we all have on us, it would be easy to find anyone who was still alive so I feel he just lost interest in my case because I threatened to have his law license revoked for trying to give me an advance on the judgement while I waited for this to finally settle.

Apparently that is "lending money to clients" which it seems is against Nebraska laws. He got angry with my unwillingness to use the law as my "personal play thing" as he was doing, so he decided to cheat me out of the settlement I worked three years to get.

Anyone know a competent law firm in Nebraska who is not afraid of the "mighty Thayer family" who are all attorneys and bankers, that wants 33.3 % of this judgment feel free to call or e-mail me at or 308-708-1183

Thank you !

Comment by Lieutenant Frederick Georges on June 24, 2015 at 9:17pm

Update, June 2015.... I am able to almost work a light duty job. I had one for 9 months, but I fell on an ice covered parking lot and injured my good left wrist and shoulder, DAMN !

I guess I will just accept being on Social Security and live quietly out of sight and the minds of everyone. I truly wished to "stay in the game", but it seems it is just not in the cards.

Comment by Captain Dennis Thain ( Retired) on December 22, 2010 at 2:04pm

Dear Fritz,

We just got back from our trip and was very sorry to hear of your accident and we wish you a speedy recovery, also our Christmas wishes to you and yours take care we are thinking of you and will be watching this page for more news. Dennis & Mareke 

Comment by Wayne Jasper on December 21, 2010 at 2:26pm

Hope you have a speedy recovery..

Comment by Linda Carruthers on December 20, 2010 at 12:03pm

Dear Frits, So glad to hear from you. I'm sending you all my Christmas wishes for a speedy recovery.

Take care Buddy. Regards Linda

Comment by Lieutenant Frederick Georges on December 20, 2010 at 10:20am

Thank you Linda :-)

Comment by Linda Carruthers on December 18, 2010 at 5:03pm

Dear Fritz's,So sorry to hear of your injuries. Our thoughs and prayers are with you. Linda














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